Strategic Councils

ULI Austin, through its annual strategic planning and active scope of work, is addressing three strategic issues for Central Texas: Transportation, Affordability and Culture/Music.

Issue Identification:

Councils will define the issue(s) to be addressed and how they will measure their success.


While we hope most of the participants will be ULI members, selected non-members who can bring expertise or other attributes to the group should be included.  Total size for a longer lasting council should be 10-20 people with diversification of profession, age and experiences.


The term of each Council will dependent upon issue and need.  The term could be long running or last only a few months.  In addition, some councils may meet monthly, and some mate meet quarterly.

Outcomes & Deliverables:

Each Strategic Council will establish short term outcomes/deliverables such as TAPs, panels, white papers or expert commentary with and attempt accomplish these in one per year time frame.  A Council may also have longer-term goals over a 3-5 year period as well.