Strategic Councils

Strategic Councils partner public and private entities to discuss and impact local issues. Current councils are Affordability, Transportation and Live Music/Culture.   

  • The Affordability Strategic Council will focus on issues affecting affordability in Central Texas including housing and beyond.
  • The Transportation Strategic Council will collaborate with area agencies and work to inform and educate ULI members on emerging and existing issues and news in transportation, and will be conduit to the real estate/development community for area agencies.
  • The Live Music/Culture Strategic Council will engage ULI members to look at the effects of real estate on Austin’s unique culture and development, so to maintain our culture.

Issue Identification:

Councils will define the issue(s) to be addressed and how they will measure their success.


While we hope most of the participants will be ULI members, selected non-members who can bring expertise or other attributes to the group should be included.  Total size for a longer lasting council should be 10-20 people with diversification of profession, age and experiences.


The term of each Council will dependent upon issue and need.  The term could be long running or last only a few months.  In addition, some councils may meet monthly, and some mate meet quarterly.

Outcomes & Deliverables:

Each Strategic Council will establish short term outcomes/deliverables such as TAPs, panels, white papers or expert commentary with and attempt accomplish these in one per year time frame.  A Council may also have longer-term goals over a 3-5 year period as well.