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Steinwedell Thanks ULI for 4 Great Years

ULI Austin,

It is with great anticipation and some sadness that I leave ULI to launch Affordable Central Texas and the Austin Housing Conservancy.  Thank you to each of you for your incredible support these past four years.  I have had a blast being Executive Director and have enjoyed meeting new people and working with you to move ULI Austin in new and impactful directions.  Your new Executive Director, Paulette Gibbins, will be a great addition to the organization and I can’t wait to see where she takes ULI Austin next.

Fortunately, I am not going far.  I am now a full member of ULI, once again, and will be attending the Fall Meeting.  I look forward to seeing you and hope we have the opportunity to work together on this exciting new adventure.

David Steinwedell

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