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See what ULI members have to say about the 5 sites the City of Austin is considering for affordable housing

City of Austin 5 Sites Considered for Affordable Housing

ULI Affordability Strategic Council Ranking

July 30, 2018

The City of Austin Office of Real Estate Services (ORES) presented to City Council twelve “opportunity” sites divided into “initial” and “long term” sites that could be developed to include Affordable Housing. The five sites designated as “Initial Sites” are mapped in  the White Paper HERE and have the following addresses:

  1. McKalla – 10414 McKalla Place
  2. Justin Lane – 6909 Ryan Drive
  3. Home Depot/Chrysler – 7211 N IH 35
  4. HealthSouth – 1215 Red River
  5. Winnebago – 4711 Winnebago Lane

Utilizing ULI member expertise, ULI Austin’s Affordability Strategic Council has ranked the five sites for viability as affordable rental housing. The rankings looked at Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program criteria, proximity to amenities, and zoning attributes. The two top ranked sites were then further studied to consider unit counts and financial ramifications. ThisWhite Paper provides the ULI Affordability Strategic Council’s findings and recommendations.

Read the White Paper HERE

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