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Members review City of Austin Housing Blueprint Implementation Plan

Housing Blueprint Implementation Plan

January 18, 2019

ULI ASC Comments_Affordability Housing Imp Plan

Members of the ULI Austin Affordability Strategic Counsel (ULI ASC) took time to review the City of Austin Housing Blueprint Implementation Plan and offer their comments. The Plan was divided amongst ULI ASC’s members to review sections in small groups and reporting to the full council for similarities and themes.

Overall, there is a lot to like in the plan; however, many of the goals are too abstract to be achievable. ULI ASC believes the plan would benefit by removing or amending the goals and solutions to focus on concrete, measurable activities. For example, many of the actions proposed are state‐level issues that are unlikely to be realized for a meaningful impact at the local level. We would like to see City of Austin staff focus their energy on achievable impactful solutions at the local level.

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