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Call for Proposals: Developer Shark Tank

shark-tankULI Austin is currently inviting proposals for it’s second annual Developer Shark Tank event. Tailored after the popular TV show and similar events produced at ULI’s national Fall Meetings, this program will bring together Austin area real estate entrepreneurs who will vet their proposals to a panel of “sharks”- expert investors bringing decades of experience to the tank. The program will strive to give the audience a behind-closed-doors look at an investment committee review process, and to offer the entrepreneurs real feedback they can use to fine-tune their proposals for real life presentations.

The panel of Sharks will critique the presentations and ask hard-hitting questions that leverage their expert experience, critical evaluation methods and quick wits. With the potential for blood in the water, this event promises to be an engaging, dynamic and real-world look into the behind-the-scenes machinery of getting a real estate investment deal done in Austin.

Think you can swim with the sharks?

submit_proposalDeadline to submit proposals: March 21, 2017.

Successful project candidates should have real-world experience with real estate development, an active and interesting deal in the Austin area to discuss, the ability to make a concise and captivating presentation, and a healthy sense of humor!

Each presentation will consist of a 5 min .ppt presentation to the Shark panel (enough meat for the Sharks to sink their teeth into), followed by 10 min Q&A and feedback from the Sharks.

Key presentation components should include:

  • Firm/developer track record
  • Specific funding request
  • Project summary
  • Market context
  • Presenter(s) background and experience
  • Project economics and returns (presenters will be required to show proforma)
  • Moderated discussion with Sharks and the Audience

The event will offer presenters:

  • Constructive feedback in an authentic investment committee format
  • A thorough vetting of all high-level project plans, assumptions, etc.
  • Presentation experience and practice pitching your deal
  • Immediate access to ULI’s diverse network of real estate leaders in Austin
  • Actual financing is neither guaranteed, nor implied

March 30 – Finalists will be notified.
April 3-21 – Coaching sessions will be offered to help presenters prepare for public presentation to the Sharks.
The Shark Tank event will take place on April 26, 2017 7:30-9:00am at the Headliners Club.
The winning project will receive a complimentary booth at ULI Austin’s Marketplace Expo on May 18, 2017.

For more information about this event, contact Cheryl.McOsker@uli.org.

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