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Member Profiles – 2017 Young Leader Co-Chairs

Cameron Pawelek
Young Leader Chair
Caitlin Admire
Young Leader Co-Chair
Perkins + Will

Cameron Pawelek and Caitlin Admire are active ULI members who co-chair the Young Leader Committee and direct all activities associated with Young Leaders and the Mentorship Forum.  We asked them to provide info on their backgrounds and to answer some questions:

Cameron Pawelek is a Senior Associate in RCLCO’s Austin office where he has worked both nationally and internationally with clients in the public and private sectors to guide development and planning decisions. His work spans a variety of residential and commercial product types, with emphasis on market feasibility analyses, financial analyses, as well as strategy development and implementation for large-scale land developments and urban, infill projects. Cameron has served on ULI Austin’s Programs and Young Leader committees and is currently Management Chair for Young Leaders. With a degree in Landscape Architecture from Kansas State University, Caitlin Admire has experience as a designer in a variety of industry fields and now concentrates on planning and urban design with Perkins+Will out of their Austin office.

Please describe your ULI journey from initial involvement to being a co-chair of the Young Leader Committee for ULI Austin.

Cameron: I first joined ULI YLs as an undergraduate at UT through REFIC’s student membership program. I started out by attending the monthly breakfasts and general YL events, such as tours and happy hours. I also discovered the benefits of volunteering at the breakfasts, which include free registration, connecting with a smaller group of young leaders, and better associating names and faces by helping pass out nametags. After several years of involvement in ULI Austin, I was accepted into the Mentorship Forum. After my first Forum experience, I discovered how much more beneficial ULI is when you are deeply involved and engaged. Since then, I have continued to participate in the Mentorship Forum, served on the Programs Committee and the Young Leaders Committee. This year I was invited to serve as co-chair of the Young Leaders Committee along with Caitlin Admire.

Caitlin: I originally joined ULI Colorado in order to participate in their Partnership Forum program (what we call the Mentorship Forum here in Austin). I found my participation with ULI to be extremely valuable, from both a networking and educational perspective – so when I was transferred to Austin I immediately started volunteering for as many ULI events as I could, knowing how important ULI was going to be in growing my network here.  Fast forward a year or two, I was invited to sit on the Young Leaders Committee and last year took over as the Mentorship Forum Chair.

Why should a Young Leader become involved in the Mentorship Forum and how do they become eligible to be selected?

Cameron: Mentorship Forum participants have the unique opportunity to regularly meet with an intimate and multidisciplinary group of rising stars in Austin’s real estate community. The Forum allows individuals to build deeper relationships with their peers and hear from some of the most accomplished individuals who have helped build Austin. I believe experience and engagement is key for both adding value to the group and getting the most out of the program. I encourage YLs to attend ULI events on a regular basis and volunteer at the monthly breakfasts and other special events. Engagement in ULI Austin is the best way to be selected for the Mentorship Forum. Caitlin: I think that the Mentorship Forum is one of the best ways for our young leaders to take that next step and dig a bit deeper both into ULI and into the Austin real estate industry. The Mentorship Forum allows young professionals to gain insight from their Mentor and create lasting relationships with their peers. It is a competitive program and not everyone who applies is accepted. The easiest way to get your application to rise to the top of the pile is to be involved with ULI, and the simplest way to do that is by volunteering for ULI events throughout the year, such as the monthly breakfasts, Butler Game Day, or Marketplace. Bonus: you will get to attend these events for free!

How has ULI helped you in your career? (Networking, jobs, leadership, etc.)

Cameron: ULI has been valuable to me in so many ways up to this point. I have found it to be a great way to stay informed about what is going on in the industry, locally and beyond, and it offers some amazing resources through programs, research, and publications. Because of this, ULI attracts the best, brightest, and most innovative members in real estate – the types of people you want to be in a room with. Getting involved in a larger capacity via the Young Leaders Committee has allowed me to strengthen my relationships with these industry leaders and sharpen my own leadership skills in the process. Caitlin: One of the best ways to learn is through the sharing of ideas and experiences. And while it is difficult to become an expert in every aspect of the real estate market, it is important to surround yourself with knowledgeable individuals in your local community. ULI has provided me with a platform to exchange ideas and experiences with others, as well as surround myself with some of the smartest people in the industry. I have learned a tremendous amount from ULI programs and the people that I have met within the organization. The insights I have gained and the relationships I have formed through ULI are invaluable.



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