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Member Profile – Edjuan Bailey

Edjuan Baileyedjuan
ULI Austin District Council Chair
Vice President of Marketing
Brookfield Residential

Edjuan Bailey is the District Council Chair for ULI Austin. He has served on the Management Committee and Programs Committee prior to becoming Chair in 2016. Edjuan is Vice President of Marketing with Brookfield Residential where he is responsible for planning and executing the award-winning marketing strategy for their substantial Land portfolio. He is a Full Member of ULI, is a national product council member and has been a member since 2002.

What are your major objectives as Chair? – To ensure ULI fulfills its mission here in Austin and to make ULI a resource to our members. My goal is for ULI to be an institution that helps you do your job better, through education, engagement or participation.

What has been your biggest career challenge? – To figure out that I can’t do it all. I’ve learned (or am still learning) that I have to focus on the things that I am good at and where I can actually move the needle. Way too often, we want to make the world perfect. It’s lofty, but ultimately, time is better spent on the things that make a difference.

What is your leadership focus at Brookfield? – To prepare my team to be leaders. To let them know it’s OK to fail. To help them to not only go through the struggles, but to learn the lessons along the way that will either stop them from making the same mistake later or more importantly, to help someone after them. Leadership occurs in conversations and so my focus is to be in constant conversation with my team and the people I work with.

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