Development Course

Development Course

Public Development in a Private World

ULI Austin has developed a 90 minute course to bridge the gap between the private sector and public officials reviewing development plans.  This course is presented to private and public separately.  And while it is a very similar presentation, the content is slightly altered.


The whole program is only 90 minutes, including intros and Q&A. It’s meant to be a “lunch and learn” and thus very conversational. There are opportunities throughout for questions and discussion.  The first half of the course, will focus on the developer approach, and in the second half the city approval.

Private Sector

  • This is a great opportunity for new staff to gain an understanding of the whole development process from start to finish.
  • Participants will learn common errors to avoid when submitting projects for approval at the city level.

Public Sector

  • Learn how to keep your city stay competitive, and be developer friendly, without compromising on a timely and thorough review of projects.
  • Cities will also be able to share common submission errors with ULI.  ULI will then share this with our membership to help reduce the number of errors in submissions you receive.

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