Public Officials and Staff

Public Sector Leaders

The mission of ULI's outreach to Public Sector Leaders is to encourage and support excellence in land use decision making. By providing public officials with access to information, best practices, peer networks, and other resources, ULI fosters creative, efficient, practical, and sustainable land use practices.

Public Officials and Staff

ULI is Committed to Responsible Public Policy

ULI empowers leaders in local governments, academics and nonprofit organizations to envision, build, and sustain successful 21st-century communities. As a non-partisan, 501(c)(3) nonprofit research and education organization, ULI is uniquely positioned to offer land use advice that is based upon sound principles, best practices and sustainable land use policies.

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Public Private Partnerships

ULI brings together leaders and land use professionals from all disciplines involved in every sector of real estate development— both public and private —to discuss current industry trends and facilitate decision-making and problem-solving at the local level. The relationships that get built around the table at ULI lead to improved efficiency and collaboration that benefits everyone!

Neutral Zone

ULI is a non-partisan research and education organization that does not engage in advocacy. By providing public officials with access to practical information, best practices, peer networks and other educational resources, ULI provides a trustworthy place where leaders come to explore creative ideas and innovative solutions.

ULI in Action:

  • Technical Assistance Panels leverage the vast expertise of ULI Members to provide a diverse, comprehensive analysis of a specific land use or development challenge.

Education & Research

ULI collects, analyzes and publishes data that helps leaders anticipate emerging trends and issues and explore new approaches. ULI hosts a variety of programs and forums with elected officials to inform ULI members about leaders’ positions and policies impacting land use. Training and educational resources designed specifically for local public sector leaders are available through ULI.

ULI in Action:

  • The 90-minute Development Course is designed to bridge the gap between the private sector and public officials reviewing development plans. The course offers public officials and staff an opportunity to learn about the development process from the private developer’s perspective and provide feedback to the development community.
  • The Rose Center for Public Leadership in Land Use encourages and supports excellence in land use decision making by local governments. A program of the National League of Cities, in partnership with ULI, the Rose Center seeks to foster creative, efficient, practical, and sustainable land use policies by providing public officials with access to information, best practices, peer networks, and other resources.


ULI’s 40,000 members span across the globe on six continents in 82 nations. Established locally in 1999, today ULI Austin has over 700 members in the Austin metro area— spanning from Georgetown to San Marcos —and nearly 2,500 members across Texas. ULI offers a significant discount on membership fees for people in the public sector, academics and non-profit organizations, giving you access other members’ experience and expertise from cities worldwide.