ULI Austin - Free Webinar: City of Austin Street Impact Fee Study Presentation


Tuesday, April 7th, 2020
10:00am - 11:00am EDT

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    This is a free webinar produced by the City of Austin.
    The City of Austin has published the findings of the Street Impact Fee Study and would like to share with and receive feedback from ULI membership. The study was a two-year analysis and calculation of the costs to fund roadway infrastructure required to meet the needs of new development. While some developments currently contribute to transportation infrastructure, the process of determining a development's fair share lacks equity, transparency, and predictability. The adoption of an impact fee would address these conditions by administering a consistent and predictable way to calculate a development's transportation demands and assess fees to fund the needed improvements.

    The Street Impact Fee Study Report (Appendices) provides the maximum allowable roadway impact fee that could be assessed by the City of Austin, complying with Chapter 395 of the Texas Local Government Code. The maximum assessable fee is a technical calculation that includes 10-year anticipated growth, the planned roadway improvements listed in the Roadway Capacity Plan (RCP) and Austin Strategic Mobility Plan (ASMP).

    Following public discussion and a public hearing process, the City Council may determine an amount to be assessed (if any) up to the maximum established within the report and adopt a street impact fee ordinance. The ordinance would determine the actual collected fee (effective rate) as well as policies that could allow a reduction in the assessed or collected fee, referred to as Offsets and Discounts.

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    This free webinar will address:
    • What are Street Impact Fees, and why are they necessary?
    • How are the costs of street infrastructure calculated to serve new growth?
    • How was the City’s Street Impact Fee Study conducted, and what are the next steps?
    • How do the Land Development Code (LDC) revisions affect Street Impact Fees?
    • Liane Miller, AICP, CNUa (Program Manager, Systems Development Division, City of Austin Transportation Department)
    • Jeff Whitacre, P.E., AICP, PTP (Vice President, Kimley-Horn)
    • Jake Gutekunst, P.E (Traffic Engineer & Transportation Planner, Kimley-Horn)
    Meeting participants will be invited to complete a quick survey and submit comments after the presentation.